Tore Wallert
His World and Other Ones

Opening 17:00-20:00
Friday 01/02/2017

Lill-Jans Plan 6
115 25 Stockholm

The gallery has its beginning with the partnership between Erik Nordenhake and Niklas Belenius. After having worked together for four years, two under the name Belenius/Nordenhake at a space on Jakobs torg 3 in central Stockholm, the gallery disbanded in late 2016. Erik Nordenhake continued on his own with a number of the artists previously represented by the two, opening at a new location on Lill-Jans plan 6 in February 2017 with a single-sculpture presentation by American artist Stephen Lichty. In late 2018, Erik was joined by his younger brother Sten Nordenhake at the gallery.

Opening hours:
Tue-fri 12-18
Sat 12-16

Lill-Jans Plan 6 , 114 25 Stockholm, Sweden

Erik Nordenhake /+46 (0) 700 123 456

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Emma Bernhard


Lap-See Lam at Luleå Biennial

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20 oktober, 2018

Lap-See Lam at Moderna Museet Malmö

9 oktober, 2018

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