Simon Mullan

Simon Mullan (b. 1981 / Kiel, Germany) is a conceptual artist currently living and working in Berlin, DE. His practice focuses primarily on Textile Painting, Sculpture, and Installation, however, having studied Transmedial Art and Video at the University of Applied Art Vienna and the Royal University College of Fine Art Stockholm, Video and Performance remain a crucial conceptual component of his practice.

Mullan’s work investigates expressions of identity, costume, labour, gender, materiality and the loaded socioeconomic associations tied to objects.

Mullan incorporates common utilitarian materials into his work such as worker’s uniforms, bomber jackets, sandpaper, razorblades, ceramic tiles, and grout; outward tokens of male gender. These items are deconstructed, and reconstructed producing severe shapes and segmented linear formations. Through this procedure, the core of the found object is significantly altered, they become relics, portraits of found identities, digested and regurgitated in the form of a traditional artwork stretched over canvas or covering walls and architectural forms.