Lap-See Lam
Luleå Biennial

After lying dormant for five years, Scandinavia’s first art biennial is resurrected with a programme spanning a vast geographical area with art events and exhibitions in Luleå, Boden, Jokkmokk as well as in Kiruna and Korpilombolo. 37 artists will participate in this year’s edition, eight of which will contribute especially commissioned works.

The biennial will also present performances and public artworks, and arrange film programmes. In addition, an international conference on anti-fascist organisation among activists, artists and thinkers will take place towards the end of the exhibition period.

Curators: Emily Fahlén, Asrin Haidari and Thomas Hämén
Initiator: Konstfrämjandet [The People’s Movements for Art Promotion]

Lap-See Lam, Beyond Between & Gwaí, 2018, installation view, Luleå Konsthall. Courtesy: Luleå Biennial, Sweden