Josef Bull – Paradisgaraget


We welcome you to Paradisgaraget (The Paradise Garage), Josef Bull’s debut solo-exhibition in Stockholm.

Believing in meaningful coincidences and the mystical potential of all things, Josef Bull’s work meditates on anomalous chains of interconnected information. Often reflecting an intermingling of pop-cultural phenomena and everyday objects and encounters, Bull’s new works in Paradisgaraget (The Paradise Garage) find their starting points in the psychological landscape of his suburban youth in Huddinge, south of Stockholm.

Taking its title from the legendary NYC nightclub, The Paradise Garage meets its unexpected doppelganger in Paradisgaraget, a parking garage in Huddinge Centrum where Bull spent countless hours loitering as a teen. These mirrored elements are two of many in the show with double tasks, both representing themselves as subjects as well as nodes with synchronistic potential. The exhibition explores distant times and places, and how personal and collective myths or nostalgia can blur the line between reality, fantasy, and fiction.

Here, Bull’s three-dimensional works pack video, sound, painting, photography, sculpture, and found and original objects into constellations meant to be wandered. Paradisgaraget (The Paradise Garage) is an altar at a dance party, a vehicle for travel in time and space, and a chamber tomb honoring information that is lost until it’s found.

“Yo Party People

We gotta keep this thing going

You know like the way we used to do it

Everybody was freaking

People from all over the world

You know like the way we used to do it

In the Paradise Garage”