Nhu Duong Feat. Karl Holmqvist S/S 2017 Collection Launch

What is a piece of clothing that “works”?
The S/S 2017 collection of Berlin-based, Swedish- Vietnamese designer NHU DUONG entitled “ WORK COLLECTION” plays with the ideas of professionalism, leisure and appropriateness through a range of garments that are inspired by work outfits and hobby uniforms.

Overalls, raw denim outfits, kung-fu pyjamas, biker pants, baggy tights and gloves, bomber-jackets,bomber suits, bomber-jacket-turned-body blur the boundary between functional garment and formal attire. Loose and
oversized silhouettes, blanket-like textiles and geometric shapes are contrasted with straps, ribbed details, corset construc- tions, asymmetric hemlines and sharp edges, giving structure to the improvised, while at the same time making the utilitarian seem strangely artificial. The collection marks a new collaboration between NHU DUONG and the Swedish and Berlin-based artist KARL HOLMQVIST, who is known for his text based works, poetry and readings. Running th- rough the collection are texts and symbols such as EYESEYES, ASSASSASSS, #IAMA- CAMERA, a camera shutter, XOXOs, repeated endlessly in woven, printed and hand- written form – enforcing the idea of posing or „working it“ making one look, while at the same time reversing the gaze and let the garments stare back.

The collection previewed in a catwalk presentation as part of 9TH BERLIN BIENNALE, was on view at GAVIN BROWN’S ENTERPRISE during New York Fashion Week as well as part of the exhibition “New Work, New York” at Lumine in Tokyo.

For the official launch of the collection in Sweden, hosted by Stockholm gallery ERIK NORDENHAKE, NHU DUONG will open a temporary retail environment at the gallery’s location on Lill-Jans plan 6 from April 20th until April 23rd.