JODI – Apache is functioning normally

With their first website registered in 1995, were amongst the first artists with a presence on the internet. Fittingly then that their artistic practice were to be synonymous with investigations into the world wide web, programming and computers. Their websites-as-artworks, modified computer games and apparent coding errors have inspired generations of artists, both conceptually and aesthetically, since their original mistake of omitting a bracket while writing code as artists in residence at the San Jose State University in 1994. The result was an indecipherable mess of letters, symbols and numbers and led to the now instantly recognizable seemingly random visuals with a syntax-error feeling that has marked much of their work.

Belenius/Nordenhake will present some of the original modified software as well as projections of websites, along with a series of new work, where the artists have registered a series of websites with domain names consisting of only one-letter, chosen out of different world alphabets. The websites reflect the working of network protocols and the dynamic syntax of the World Wide Web.

JODI has exhibited around the world, with notable exhibitions and performances including the Centre Pompidou, Paris (2015), the Whitney Museum, NY (2013), the New Museum, NY (2012), Eyebeam NY (2009), Documenta X Kassel (1997).